Feb 24, 2017


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ph. D. in Nuclear Science and Engineering. 2014-present.

My research focuses on the prevention of particle adhesion in power plants through the application of thin coatings to susceptible surfaces. I test the effectiveness of thin coatings in preventing adhesion using in-situ AFM techniques, including a custom heated pressurized AFM and a custom vacuum/dry air AFM. SEM and XRD/XPS are used to characterize the coatings, which are RF sputtered oxides. The coatings are then tested under realistic power plant conditions using a heated, pressurized flow loop.

My earlier research was focused on the development of a 3D sintering nanoprinter, and an associated effort to create self-assembling microsphere colloidal lattices on a water-air interface.

Georgia Institute of Technology

S. B. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering. 2011-2014; 3.95 GPA.

Richard Montgomery High School

IB Diploma (HL Math, English, History, Computer Science, Physics). 2007-2011; 3.8 unweighed / 4.5 weighed GPA

Work Experience

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Summer internships, 2012-2014.

I worked with the Cold Neutron Source team at the NIST Center for Neutron Research.


Summer Software Development Intern, 2009-2011.

I interned as software developer, full-time for three summers and part-time during the school year.


Conceptual Design of a Pick-and-Place 3D Nanoprinter for Materials Synthesis

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 3(2), 123-130 (2015)

A Novel Compact Core Design for Beam Tube Research Reactors

2015 ANS Annual Meeting Proceedings


MRS Anti Fouling 2016

MRS 3D printer 2015

Conceptual Design of a High Power LEU Research Reactor

Presented at the SURF symposium at NIST (2013)

Data Visualization for Analysis of the NCNR Cold Neutron Source

Presented at the SURF symposium at NIST (2012)